I just started Tumblr and found many popular blogs but they werent that nice to other people, so unfollowed them. Then I found you and you seem really nice, but may I ask: Are there other people on tumblr that you think are nice and post good things? I like American Horror Story (you made me love it lol) tom hiddleston, lady gaga, movies, katy perry and music. hope you can help (:

Aw thank you! And there are a lot of nice people on tumblr. Most of the time the people who don’t have that many followers are the nicest. Some popular blogs think that they’re better than other people, don’t really get why they would think that. But anyway. I can make a little list for you with amazing blogs that you should definitely follow!

http://hostageunicorn.tumblr.com/ (Gaga, American horror story, Lana)
http://picturetoburn.tumblr.com/ (Katy and Gaga)
http://horrorstorygifs.tumblr.com/ (American horror story)
http://gagaroyale.tumblr.com/ (Lady Gaga)
http://lanadelgifs.tumblr.com/ (Lana del Rey)
http://missdelrey.tumblr.com/ (Lana del Rey)
http://iheartkatyperry.tumblr.com/ (Katy Perry)

And I’m sure that I’m forgetting a lot of other blogs. There are so many amazing blogs and nice people on tumblr. It takes a little while to make friends and to find a sort of group of people that you really like. But it’s so worth it. All of my good friends are from tumblr and I’ve really found my place here. Hope that you’ll find some good blogs to follow. (:

And maybe it’s a good idea that people who post American horror story, Tom Hiddleston, Lady Gaga, Movies, Katy Perry, and Music like this post? So that this person can check your blog out and maybe follow you? And I will also check your blog out, need some new blogs to follow. idk if that helps or if anyone will like this.

  1. bottomculture said: omg laura youre too sweet, this is so lovely, thank you!
  2. picturetoburn said: Thank you baby, you’ve always been wonderful to me <3
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